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Over 15 years of combined public relations & marketing experience

Coworking Space

PR IMPRESSIONS is primarily a public relations company that offers main-line advertising and marketing services as well.
Initially, the agency started its operations in Ghana under its first registered name PAM-Ultimate Media Services (PAMMEDIA). It has successfully executed excellent public relations, advertising and marketing services for companies such as CEIimages Magazine, Bonshine Laundry, Economic Development Centre, GENIPAL and the Greenbelt Foundation International: an environmental non-governmental organization, among others.


Whether our task is to offer public relations service, market a product through research or advertising, we help our clients to grow their businesses by planning, developing and executing successful
public relations, advertising and marketing programs and concepts coherently.
We offer market research analysis, marketing strategy development services, sustainable customer and corporate relations services, PR communications and planning, and cost-effective advertising campaign to ensure that your business is managed well for profit.
PR IMPRESSIONS specializes in strategic serial publishing and placement of your business adverts in the media. We run your advertisements by developing memorable impressions in the press and social media to maximize and increase your overall output. We create and manage the IMPRESSIONS MAILBAG, a digital marketing service. We also publish the IMPRESSIONS BLOG on our website, which gives our visitors and members insightful media intelligence to run their businesses successfully.
Our services ensure a proper communication system either internally or externally for any corporate establishment. We offer services to small, medium and large scale businesses and organizations.
We are committed to connecting manufacturers to buyers and service providers to clients both locally and internationally. Through our various motivational speaking conferences, seminars and trade shows, we help our clients and prospective ones to understand the business operating field both locally and internationally.
Periodically, the agency holds programs and seminars for student groups to educate them about career development concepts, job placement availability and also demand-driven resume writing tactics. We can do effectively, through our constant touch with employers seeking and searching relevant and modern-day expectancy for the job market.


As an exceptional service, we offer PR programs for various groups such as the disabled, disadvantaged, women and children at less or no cost at all.
For effectiveness, we work with seasoned PR experts, advertising and marketing consultants and managers and we are well informed about the up-to-the-minute business financial and economic events.


Our operational director is an expert in digital marketing and media campaign. He has also worked for many years, as an economic, business, financial and environmental full-time journalist. He currently works part-time as an international freelance journalist with a particular interest in business coverage.

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